Magic #7

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Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Ig Guara

Main Cover Artist: Qistina Khalidah

Variant Cover Artist: CF Villa

Hidden Spark Variant Cover Artist: Jakub Rebelka

Character Design Variant Cover Artist: Ig Guara

Incentive Cover Artist: Christian Ward

Incentive Cover Artist: Christian Ward 


The Guilds of Ravnica, now aligned against a foe that threatens the entire Multiverse, must defend Ravnica united!

Fortunately, the warriors of the Guilds have the legendary Planeswalker, Jaya Ballard, by their side to repel the mutant horrors of her ancient enemy.

Will Jaya and our cabal of Planeswalkers be able to reach Jace Beleren before the herald of [REDACTED] does?


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