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Writer: Justin Jordan Artist: Jorge Coelho Cover Artist: Jorge Coelho Synopsis: ' Written by Justin Jordan (Sombra, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) and illustrated by Jorge Coelho (The Haunted Mansion), John Flood is a mind-bending murder mystery that take readers on a wild ride to uncover the truth. ' As the result of shady corporate experiments, John Flood no longer needs to sleep. Instead, he lives in a constant dream-state where sometimes it's hard to decipher what's real and what isn't. ' A side effect of his supernatural insomnia allows him to see patterns and make connections no one else can. This ability serves Flood well in his new 'career' as a makeshift private investigator, and he's recruited an ex-cop looking for redemption to be his assistant. ' When the pair begins to unravel the connection between thousands of unsolved and seemingly unrelated murders, Flood discovers the one secret that has eluded him: his own past. ' Collects the complete limited series. ' ' entertaining and exciting comic book full of engaging characters, solid plot structure and knockout art and design…' - Comic Book Resources


(W) Justin Jordan (A/CA) Jorge Coelho

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