Ties into the huge Adventure Time: Islands television event, the mini-series airing on Cartoon Network this winter where Finn meets other humans and an important member of his family for the first time.

Written by Islands show writer Ashly Burch, this story serves as a prequel to the television event. In the wake of the mushroom war and the vampire infestation, the remaining humans of Ooo have set sail for safer shores.

Bunny Girl (aka Jo), who was Marceline's precocious young friend from the "Stakes" miniseries, is fearful of what dangers await them. Two Bread Tom, her caretaker in Marcy's absence, does his best to assuage her concerns.

But after an attack from a swarm of monstrous sea creatures almost sinks the ship, Jo and the rest of the humans start to fear that it may not be safe anywhere. Luckily, they soon reach a plentiful island populated by another gregarious group of humans 


(W) Ashly Burch (A) Diigii Daguna (CA) Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline