Store Changes

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made changes to the BOOM! Studios store, which we believe will improve your customer experience. Our goal is to provide you with access to exciting, exclusive products you can’t find anywhere else!

Behind the scenes, we’ve redesigned our store to run on Shopify, a trusted e-commerce platform, that will provide a more seamless and easy-to-use experience. We will also be handling all customer care issues directly going forward, so you know that when you reach out to us with a concern, you’ll receive a response directly from a BOOM! Studios team member. Lastly, we’re working with new fulfillment partners with decades of experience and are working hand-in-hand with them to refine our packing and shipping methods to ensure your comics, books, and other goodies arrive in great shape for your collection.

BOOM! Studios Store Issues

We are never able to guarantee Near Mint comics as some receive damage straight from the printer. That said, we will do the best we are able to as we continue to monitor this process and assess if needed.

Currently all single issues are bagged and boarded at the fulfillment center. Since these are protected after their first shipment there is a chance that they are not in mint condition prior to being inserted into a bag and board and might have slight corner damage or spine ticks. 

If your comic was damaged during transit or has severe damage please reach out to us at with your order number and pictures of the item and the packaging and we can send you a replacement if available.  

We are in the process of streamlining our subscription service to make it easier and more accessible to our customers. When we find the right solution we will resume offering subscriptions. Please stay tuned to our Social Media channels for further updates and information.

In the meantime, we recommend contacting your local comic shop to arrange for a subscription or “pullbox” for your favorite ongoing BOOM! Studios series. To find a comic shop near you during this time and avoid missing an issue, please visit or visit our searchable map of dedicated retail partners HERE.

Unfortunately, if your shipment has already left our fulfillment center, you will need to reach out to the carrier (USPS, UPS, or FedEx) and have them update the delivery address.

Currently we are shipping all single issues in a bag and board inside a special mailer that was chosen to fit around the board snugly to minimize movement during shipping. We have looked at other mailers and felt they would cause more damage in transit since there would be more room for the comics to move around. Due to the volume of orders our fulfillment partner processes, we are unable to bubble wrap or add additional padding to the shipment. 

We are looking to make a change so that some single issues will no longer be packaged within a bag and board. We are making this adjustment for two primary reasons – first, to accelerate our turnaround time and secondly, in response to supply challenges. 

The ongoing global pandemic has caused a variety of supply shortages around the world, and unfortunately this includes readily available supplies of commercial comic bags and boards. Since we aren’t able to confidently secure those bags and boards we’ve chosen a different solution for the time being. 

Removing the additional step of bagging and boarding each individual comic will also allow our fulfillment center to get the singles out closer to their release date. And while this means the main covers will have a little less protection, we will be coupling this with increased protection for higher tiered items. Any single issue priced at $9.99 or above will ship with a protective backing board and be shrink wrapped snugly at the printer. This will mitigate much of the damage that occurs during the transit from the printer to the fulfillment partner as well as damages from handling; which we hope will allow for comics to arrive in much better condition than before. 

While we continue to take reasonable steps to ensure that every product arrives in great condition, we are unable to guarantee products will arrive completely unblemished or in “mint” collectible condition. Blemishes we are not able to prevent include certain imperfections to single issue comics caused by the printing process. Your feedback is incredibly beneficial, and you’re always welcome to share your experience with shipments.

You can follow BOOM! Studios on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram to find out the latest news about the upcoming BOOM! Studios Exclusives and other store content. 

We have removed the option to ship products outside of the United States and U.S. territories while we resolve some necessary issues to allow us to ship internationally. Our goal is to get this resolved as quickly as possible in order to get orders shipped internationally again. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a timeframe on when that will be but please reach out to us at if you have more questions.