Drew and Jot: Deuling Doodles

Drew and Jot: Deuling Doodles

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Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Eryk Donovan

Cover Artist: Eryk Donovan


Middle school best friends Andrew and Foz's superhero comic adventure is all about saving the day! But what happens when Andrew's sister gets her hands on the sketchbook and unleashes a new and powerful villain?

Fifth grade best friends Andrew and Foz are creating the perfect superhero crossover with the power of their imaginations! Andrew's laser-eyed heroes Drew and Jot team up to fight Foz's Doctor Danger, as the pair trade sketchbooks back and forth to create their action epic with new characters and new adventures. But what happens when Andrew's little sister doodles in his sketchbook and changes the world of Drew and Jot forever? Can Andrew and Foz work together to save their creation?

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