Firefly Holiday Special #1

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Writer: Jeff Jensen

Artists: Vincenzo Federici, Jordi Pérez, & Fabiana Mascolo

Main Cover Artist:  InHyuk Lee

Variant Cover Artist: Caitlin Yarsky

Foil Variant Artist: InHyuk Lee

Foil Variant Artist Caitlin Yarsky

1:10 Cover Artist: InHyuk Lee

1:25 Cover Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Unlockable Cover Artist: Caitlin Yarsky

It’s the holiday season and Jayne’s selfish behavior receives the unwanted attention of three visiting spirits who reveal the hidden past, present and future of Serenity’s most...miserly crew member.

A beloved character returns as the Ghost of Firefly Past, while a fellow crew member guides Jayne through the here and now, showing the consequences of his actions in the present.

But it's the Ghost of Firefly Future, Emma Washburne, who reveals the most shocking fate of all. Can Jayne turn over a new leaf and avert the disaster headed his way?


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