Firefly: Legacy Edition Book 2

Firefly: Legacy Edition Book 2

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Co-Writers: Zack Whedon & Chris Roberson

Artists: Georges Jeanty & Stephen Byrne

Cover Artist: Nimit Malavia


From the heart of the Whedonverse comes the next chapter of Firefly! Picking up where the critically acclaimed film Serenity left off, the ‘Verse is on the brink of war, and Captain Mal and his crew are on the run from the Alliance and an old, unstoppable foe. Babies are born, friends are lost, and there’s a new sheriff in town to lead the Browncoats into battle. With the crew scattered to the far ends of the ‘Verse, it’ll take quite a gamble to pull them back together . . . but when the chips are down, never bet against Captain Malcolm Reynolds!

  *   Leaves on the Wind #1-6
  *   “The Warrior and the Wind”
  *   No Power in the ‘Verse #1-6


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