Lumberjanes Vol. 19

Lumberjanes Vol. 19

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Created By: Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, ND Stevenson, & Gus Allen

Written By: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh

Artist: Kat Leyh

Cover Artist: Kat Leyh


THE END OF SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! With the end of summer coming up soon, Jo, Mal, Molly, April and Ripley decide to go on one last adventure each, finishing up their summer to-do list with a bang! For April, that’s getting her very last Lumberjanes’ badge for the perfect, most completed sash the world has ever known. Jo and Ripley head into a vortex and over to the Land of Lost Things for one last farewell with Ripley’s dinosaur bestie, Jonesy. And Mal and Molly? Well, they mostly want to spend just a little bit more time together. But no one’s ready for the shocking secret force that’s heading straight for the ‘Janes!



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