The Magicians: The New Class

The Magicians: The New Class

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Co-Writers: Lev Grossman & Lilah Sturges

Artist: Pius Bak

Cover Artist: Qistina Khalidah


Long after Quentin and his friends have graduated from Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, Dean Fogg invites a historic new group of students to enroll– the first ever class of hedge magicians, rogue practitioners of unsanctioned magic. But the traditional magicians aren’t too thrilled to have the rule-breaking outcasts in their hallowed halls, and tempers flare as the student bodies clash to prove their superiority – not realizing a new danger has emerged to threaten them all.

The malevolence behind the threat at Brakebills will rock everyone to their cores – and even shock longtime fans of The Magicians!



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