Mighty Morphin #10

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Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Dan Mora

Main Cover Artist: InHyuk Lee

Legacy Cover Artist: Eleanora Carlini

1:10 Cover Artist: InHyuk Lee

1:15 Cover Artist: Eleanora Carlini

1:25 Cover Artist: Rian Gonzales

1:50 Cover Artist: Dan Mora - 1 per customer

FOC Cover Artist: Junggeun Yoon - 5 per customer

FOC 1:10 Cover Artist: Junggeun Yoon - 1 per customer

Unlockable Spoiler Cover Artist: Dan Mora - 1 per customer

Discover Zordon’s ties to Bandora’s Palace on the Moon — the modern home of Rita Repulsa. When an assassin is sent to disrupt the Eltarians’ efforts to protect an ancient weapon, Zordon is injured in the process and his mentor, Zophram, must make a decision that will alter the future of the Power Rangers as we know it!


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