Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn

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Co-Writers: Ryan Parrott & Anthony Burch

Artist: Dan Mora

Cover Artist: Jung-Geun Yoon


The Ranger Slayer, an alternate universe version of Kimberly Hart, has returned to her home dimension to pick up the pieces left behind in the wake of Lord Drakkon’s reign. But Kim’s only option to save the people she loves is to become the thing she hates most - the new ruler of her world who sits on Drakkon’s throne. Now Kim must uncover the darkest secrets that Lord Drakkon left behind, starting with the secrets of his prison called Deadlock...and the shocking identity of the inmate known only as the Unknown Ranger. When Lord Drakkon’s final failsafe is tripped, an even deadlier threat sets its sights on Earth - and the Ranger Slayer won’t be able to defeat it on her own!


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