Zawa + The Belly of the Beast

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In the eagerly awaited NEW SERIES, Zawa + The Belly of the Beast, meet Zawa, a guardian spirit imprisoned within her mountain home by relentless pollution. Her sole sustenance: industrial waste, fueling her bitter existence of paranoia and chaos. However, when two brave siblings from a neighboring village offer her an escape, they embark on a journey that reveals the extraordinary secret to calming Zawa's tumultuous spirit—nourishing her heart through the power of good food. Join this trio on a thrilling journey through a world of eco-fable, redemption, and the remarkable bond formed through the magic of nourishment.

Michael Dialynas, GLAAD Award-winner and Eisner Award-nominee (Wynd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), weaves a whimsically eerie eco-fable, delving into nature, avarice, retribution, and the camaraderie of a shared love for good food among friends.