Dune: House Corrino

Dune: House Corrino #1 1:25 INCV

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Co-writers: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Artist: Simone Ragazzoni

Cover Artist: Rebeca Puebla

House Corrino, once the deadliest house in the Dune universe as the Imperial family, plays a key role in the developments leading into the events of the first novel.

While conflicts escalate between the Fremen and House Harkonnon on Arrakis, the Bene Gesserit keep a close eye on Jessica’s fateful pregnancy, and House Atreides takes part in the plan to seal Ix’s fate…

Legendary authors Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson are joined by artist Simone Ragazzoni (Power Rangers Universe) for the third and final prequel to one of the most celebrated science fiction novels of all time!