Firefly: The Fall Guys

Firefly: The Fall Guys #1 BOOM! Studios Team-Up Exclusive

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Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Jordi Pérez

Cover Artist: Design

Return to the ‘verse with this exclusive cover replica of the Browncoats flag.

The crew is broke and out of luck, and will have to deal with some less-than-trustworthy associates if the Serenity is going to keep flying.

What seems like an easy job in town for half the crew, is primed to turn sideways with feds, uneasy locals, and a high profile politician in the mix...

Superstar Marvel and DC writer Sam Humphries (Star-Lord: The Saga of Peter Quill, Harley Quinn) teams up with fan-favorite artist Jordi Pérez (How I Became a Shoplifter) to bring Firefly fans a new limited series filled with assassins and organized crime!