Mech Cadets

Mech Cadets #1 1:50 INCV Foil

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Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa

Cover Artist: Junngeun Yoon

General Park–head of Sky Corps Academy–must assemble a team of heroes to protect humankind from alien invasions, and Stanford Yu, Maya Sanchez, Frank Olivetti, and Park's own daughter Olivia may have been pulled into the role by fate... as they are Earth's best hope.


But there is more to their relationships with the symbiotic, sentient giant Robos they pilot... and the alien threat of The Sharg is far more epic and widespread than any could imagine!


While Mech Cadets makes a fresh debut for new readers and viewers, long-time fans can delight in having more adventures after the long awaited collection of Mech Cadets Book One!