Mighty Morphin / Power Rangers Book One Deluxe Edition

Mighty Morphin / Power Rangers Book One Deluxe Edition

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Co-Writers: Ryan Parrott, Mat Groom, L.L. McKinney, Frank Gogol & Andre R. Frattino

Artists: Marco Renna, Francesco Mortarino, Simone Ragazzoni & Oriol Roig

Cover Artist: Goñi Montes

The new Mighty Morphin team is on a collision course with an even deadlier Lord Zedd, who has a new mission and a new motivation–one that will change everything you thought you knew about our heroes!

But even if the Mighty Morphin team can find a way to survive Zedd and their mysterious new enemies, they may discover the greatest threat to their future is the shocking secret of Zordon's past!

Meanwhile, only Jason, Trini and Zack–now known as the Omega Rangers–can hope to defeat a new cosmic threat, but their secret weapon is... the villainous Lord Drakkon?! But will he be their ally... or the one who dooms them all?

Collects Mighty Morphin #1-12, Power Rangers #1-12, Power Rangers Unlimited: Edge of Darkness #1, Power Rangers Unlimited: Heir to Darkness #1, and a new short story!