BRZRKR: Poetry of Madness Pen & Ink Bundle

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BOOM! Studios proudly introduces the newest addition to its deluxe Pen & Ink collection, offering an intimate, black and white exploration of one of the most significant hits of the past three years – Steve Skroce's BRZRKR: Poetry of Madness, brought to life by the creative mind of Keanu Reeves. This iconic edition unravels the depths of B.'s mysterious past in Atlantis, presented in a stunning new format with commentary and insights from the writer and artist himself.

Embark on a journey into the madness at the foundation of it all with this exclusive collector's bundle, featuring two mesmerizing covers by the talented Andrew K. Currey, adding a touch of dark wonder to this Lovecraftian tale.

Ideal for fine art enthusiasts and those enchanted by the mystique of pen and ink. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this enthralling collection!