Giant Days Library Edition Vol. 1

Giant Days Library Edition Vol. 1

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Writer: John Allison

Artists: Max Sarin & Lissa Treiman

Cover Artist: Max Sarin

The school year is just beginning at Sheffield University, jam-packed with new classes, professors, and places to explore… not to mention new clubs, cliques, and shenanigans galore!

For first years Daisy, Esther, and Susan, they’ve got new friends on lock, forming a tight bond from their first days as next-dorm neighbors. But learning to navigate life as brand new (almost) adults isn’t as easy as it looks.

Between old nemeses popping up, academic struggles, and new crushes on the horizon, it’s a good thing these three have each other to help survive Hall Balls, bantering lads, and drama vortexes (vortices?)!

Collects Giant Days #1-8.