Grim Vol. 3 BOOM! Direct Reserve Exclusive

Grim Vol. 3 BOOM! Direct Reserve Exclusive

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Writer: Stephanie Phillips

Artist: Flaviano

Cover Artist: Veronica Fish

Jessica Harrow Goes To Hell!

While Jess, Lilah, and Eddie feel the touch of hellfire for the first time ever, Jess begins to build an army as fears of an all out war arise, and knows it will be up to her to take back the Afterlife! But sometimes Hell is all it’s cracked up to be.

Jess and Eddie search for an alternate portal to the infernal hereafter they’d left behind, and a mysterious European town may be the key… but the balance of authority in Hell is still in chaos, with the power-hungry Annabel in peril, and the status quo of death’s skewed mechanics made uncertain!

Eddie, Jess, and Marcel–each will have to face their own personal hell! The pain of their own mortal lives are brought to after-life in grim detail, but the Hell itself still awaits, and Annabel and the parasitic entity bonded to her have foreboding plans for Life…

Collects Grim #11-15.