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Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Dan Mora

Cover Artist: Dan Mora

Limited to 250

Klaus transports readers to a mesmerizing past, saturated with myth and magic, unraveling the origins of Santa Claus. It delves into the questions of where Santa began, what he was like in his youth, his motivations, and the methods behind his legendary deeds. The narrative also explores the ultimate challenge he faces, drawing inspiration from the untamed roots of Santa Claus in Viking legends and Siberian shamanism, while delving into the more eerie aspects of Christmas, including encounters with the ominous Krampus. Klaus is essentially a "Santa Claus: Year One" tale that promises an enchanting journey.


Grant Morrison stands out as a prolific and best-selling figure in the world of comics, celebrated for his talent in revitalizing iconic superheroes such as Animal Man, Batman, and the X-Men. Notably, his creator-owned works like The Invisibles, Nameless, We3, and Joe the Barbarian have received high acclaim for their mastery of mythic storytelling. In the case of Klaus, Morrison takes on the ambitious task of reimagining one of history's most significant cultural myths, and we are thrilled to see him collaborate with our talented artist, Dan Mora (Hexed, Once & Future).